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What to do all around Tuscany. Fun and activities in this wonderful region


We can organize several activities in Tuscany in its enchanting places, countrysides and towns.

Famous for its good wine and its sunny hills, Tuscany is not only the land of culture and art; here sports and activities are more exciting than you could possibly think.
With Lovely Tuscany DMC you can be accompanied by professional guides around Tuscany attractions.

Tuscany loves fashion! Here you can find the most sophisticated Italian style dresses: forfashion addicted “Salavatore Ferragamo Museum” is a must! Taste “Torta Pistocchi” the most delicious cake of Florence or take a funny picture with the Tower of Pisa!
There are several things to do in Tuscany and Lovely Tuscany DMC will help you to find out your favourite attractions in Tuscany!

Vintage Vespa

vespa in tuscany


Historical Bulli Van

Segway in Tuscany

segway in tuscany

Excursions by Ferrari

Activities in tuscany

Tuscany in ferrari

Tuscany tour with Ferrari

Scenic drives

landscape in tuscany whit car

tour tuscany in historical VespaDrive along scenic and silent country roads through the hillside of Tuscany on a Vespa scooter admiring the sights, smells and sounds of the Chianti region!

tour in minibusLegendary Volkswagen van with nine seats (the so-called "Bulli" model) will be with your exclusive mean of transportation for a discovery of Florence or Tuscany

city tour by segwayHave fun gliding through the timeless streets of the Renaissance Pearl that is Florence and discover all the wonders of Tuscany.

chianti excursion by ferrariThe first stop will be at Villa Poggio Torselli located near the village of San Casciano few km far from Florence. A private visit of the marvellous garden will be organised and a local products tasting will be offered to the guests after the visit of the villa. The excursion will be a “crescendo”. Instead of the bus, in the parking area guests will find a FERRARI.

Activities in tuscanyIt’s amazing, It’s fascinating, It’s irresistible.
The Ferrari California will accompany the guests along the sweet hills of Chianti, visiting Florence, Siena, Pisa, wherever you desire. Open air style, with the music of eight-cylinder engine

drivers in tuscanyFresh air and countryside perfumes are among the many enjoyable benefits of exploring some of the loveliest landscapes in Tuscany or on an open old-timer car.
A tour on a vintage car lasts between two hours and a full day, but in order to make the experience most worthwhile, much of the time is given over to stopping, looking, getting explanations of this and that, listening to the sounds of nature.

Team building in tuscany

Explore the cities with us and immerse yourself in fantastic adventures!

Photographic treasure

photographic tour in tuscany

Hot air balloon

tour hot air balloon

Discovering Leonardo

photographic tour in tuscany

When in florence

adventure in florence

Cooking lesson

Cooking lesson in Tuscany

Dragon Boat

dragon boat in florence

adventure photographic in TuscanyThe photographic treasureis an incredible adventure, at the end of which you will discover the hidden Magic of Florence and its secrets.
We can decide together the subject of the game: the history of Florence and its famous characters (such as Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci and Botticelli), the legends of the city, the Florentine gastronomy, etc.

air balloon activity Hot air balloons capture the imagination, each flight a unique and magical voyage. A must on your list of life experiences.
Balloon rides are normally conducted in the Central Tuscany area with specific location, the flight is based on wind direction and weather conditions. The pilot will be your guide and host your champagne-breakfast after landing, as in the tradition, pouring champagne and joining you in celebrating the adventure of your life.
Then the passengers will be driven back to launch site.

discovering leonardoThe unveiled secret of Leonardo is hidden somewhere in Florence. What’s the scoop? It is a really new invention. What is it? This is what the best journalists are going to find out....
The Master game is exciting and involves everyone in participating at the investigation by the free-lance journalist Wim Dreckmann, since he disappeared mysteriously some days ago. It shows some of his documents and asks participants to put journalist badge on, because it indicates the name of the newspaper they are going to work for. There’s no much time left and you have only 3 hours to deliver your work to the newspaper editorial should begin right now!

adventure in florence The adventurethat you are about to experience has been designed especially for you.
We want you to discover Firenze as a Florentine keeping you away from the beaten track and away from the tourists traps. Your quest will include visits to shops, bars, markets interacting with some of Firenze’s finest locals.
This is a timed event and un fortunately there are no chariots here. You will need to move by foot.

cooking lesson in tuscanyExclusive cooking lessons in a splendid 16th century villa situated just 12 kilometres from Florence, nestled in the legendary wine making “Chianti Classico” region and the heart of Tuscany. A Chef will supervise the preparation of dishes made out of freshly picked ingredients from the garden of the villa.
A Mastro Chocolatier will introduce us to the delicious world of chocolates and pralines.

dragon boat racingThe world's fastest growing water sport is also the most exciting. Twenty paddlers move in unison, combining strength with teamwork in a boat whose elaborate design originates in ancient China. It's all About Teamwork!
Dragon Boat Racingis a great sport for men and women of all ages and abilities. Anyone can do it and have fun! Teamwork is everything in Dragon Boat Racing.

Place to visit in tuscany: culture &History

Tuscany is an open-air museum, the cradle of the Renaissance.
With its monumental palaces and its embattled architectures, Tuscany is rich of culture and art. In the heart of Florence is sited the Uffizi Gallery; here you will also find the most important masterpieces painted by Botticelli, Caravaggio, Canaletto and many more.

Our professional guide will explain all the secrets of Renaissance art!
If you don’t want to miss any single detail of this beautiful region, Lovely Tuscany will organize on your behalf many activities as tours and excursions.

Visit Uffizi

Uffizi gallery

Guided Wine Tour

wine tour in tuscany

Palazzo Vecchi

visit Palazzo Vecchi

Contrade & Palio

lPalio of Siena

exclusive visit of uffiziThis is a unique experience to celebrate a special event or for an important business meeting. A special opening of world-famous Uffizi Gallery and exclusive private access to a collection of portraits and paintings housed in the Vasari Corridor.

guided wine tourOur walking tour takes you to visit the Oltrarno district, the area of workshops and place of residence of the true Florentines. At sunset, the neighborhood comes alive, the typical restaurants and wineries are filled with tourists and residents. Our expert guide will make you feel the atmosphere of the neighborhood, while you enjoy a glass of Chianti with special snacks prepared for us by a famous local wine merchant.

guided visit by vasariMeeting in the morning with our assistant at the hotel and transfer by walk to Palazzo Vecchio, the wonderful town hall of Florence.
You will leave the emotion of a great experience: a meeting with Giorgio Vasari, an outstanding writer, painter, sculptor and architect at the Court of the powerfull Medici family. He was appointed by the Duke Cosimo the Medici to take care of the architectural and decorative transformation of Palazzo Vecchio into a Medici Palace and he will lead you through the Quartieri Monumentali of the palace, showing you the marvellous works of art that it contain, he will also reveal secrets and anecdotes and will answer your questions.

contade and the palioThe Contrade (Districts) of Siena were instituted between the end of the 12th and the beginning of the 13th century, with administative (tax collection, road maintenance) and public safety (police) responsabilities, etc. In the 14th century, the famiglie (clans) of Siena were.
It is a horse race and the riders drawn from the seventeen contrade. They are dressed in medieval costumeand the object of the race is to win the Palio (banner) for their contrada. At the end of the visit we propose you a tea with the Countess Tea or coffee may be served with typical Siennese pastries at the exclusive and unique apartment of the Countess Cesarina Delci, overlooking the Piazza del Campo.